Moxie Brides Magazine is a digital publication based in Dallas, Texas, showcasing wedding inspiration for the nontraditional, offbeat, unapologetic bride. Our brides go against the status quo when it comes to celebrating their union. Our publication is for weddings and other celebrations that don’t follow convention or tradition—a Moxie bride does what she wants, not what she is “supposed” to do.

Moxie Brides’ seeks to showcase diverse brides and be inclusive of all couples. We believe representation matters. From showcasing badass, unapologetic brides, non-traditional, progressive wedding vendors and offbeat trends in fashion, beauty, event design, and more, Moxie Brides is your one stop source of inspiration to plan a wedding that is authentically yours.


noun  mox·ie \ˈmäk-sē\

: the ability to be active
: courage or determination

energy, pep, daring, boldness, courage


Who is a
Moxie Bride?

A Moxie Bride is a woman who is: 

unapologetic - she lives life on her own terms & tends to go against the status quo. conforming to society's standards doesn't exist in her world. 

assertive - she knows how to stand her ground and speak her mind while still being respectful and considerate of others. 

open minded - she accepts others, is open to understanding others cultures, lifestyles, etc. and supports marginalized groups in society.

progressive - she is all about society moving forward and progressing into a greater tomorrow. 

versatile - she's not a woman who fits into just one category, she is a complex individual.  



Breanna Lange (Wild & Free Imagery
Ryan DeVoll (Ryan DeVoll Photography)