Engagement | Emily + Josh

I first met Josh and Emily at a wedding I was photographing. They had this presence about them, adorable, retro, and smitten. I remember telling my assistant I hoped they got engaged and hired me...a few years later they did! Getting to know them has been an amazing experience. They are both down to earth, fun to be around, and have a lot of arts, good beer, and dogs. Needless to say, we've become friends over the course of planning for their wedding and photographing their engagement. Their wedding is this summer and will be a low-key and intimate wedding at the beach (Emily is seriously going to look like a mermaid and I'm over the moon excited).

Alexis Schwallier
Owner & Photographer, Alexis Schwallier Photography LLC

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makeup artist, emerging wedding planning, creative director, & college student residing in Dallas, Texas.