Back in December 2016, I had a dream one night of a unique bride standing among the trees in a forest. She looked ethereal but strong. It was a gorgeous image. When I awoke the next morning the dream was still so vivid in my mind and I just couldn’t shake it. So, I set out to plan a styled shoot that would bring this vision to life. When I found my model Ally, she encompassed the tattooed goddess look I wanted to portray in this shoot. On the day of the shoot, she seriously looked like forest fairy queen and the only thing that was missing was a unicorn to accompany her! 

I love reusing and upcycling. So, of course, I wanted to do as much of that as possible with this styled shoot. I with the help of my amazingly crafty mother created the giant fern bouquet. We used about 50% recycled synthetic flowers. The dress was also repurposed. It was a dream come true find at a local second-hand thrift shop. And it happened to fit Ally like it was made just for her! Everything about this styled session fell into place perfectly including the amazing golden hour light on the day of the shoot. 

This shoot portrays a gorgeous fairy like woman who radiates confidence and strength. The unique look Ally has and the numerous tattoos that decorate her body, while looking like a goddess prove that being different can be very beautiful. I think alternative brides to-be need more inspiration like this!

— Liz Capuano Owner & Photographer, Liz Capuano Photography

Photography | Liz Capuano
Crown | Judy & Madeleine
Dress | Dave and Johnny
Bracelet | Hand made by Liz's fiancé John Paul
HMU | Wanderlust Pittsburgh
Model | Ally Attisano

makeup artist, emerging wedding planning, creative director, & college student residing in Dallas, Texas.