Note From The Editor | I'm BACK!

Photo: Melissa Claire Photography

Whoooo, it’s definitely been a while since I’ve written a Note From The Editor! I’ll make this quick!I had to go on an unexpected hiatus with publishing content for Moxie Brides. I got overwhelmed during my Fall 2017 semester and had to put everything on hold while I finished my last semester for my AAS degree at El Centro College. Then I got started with helping plan Techstars Startup Week Dallas and with the number of responsibilities I had on my plate to execute this event on top of being at UNT Dallas full time, there was no way I could maintain our publication. Even though my time is still limited because of being a senior in college finishing my last few undergrad classes, starting summer school within the next month (hopefully), launching a Freelancers Union SPARK group for local freelancers in the DFW area, and interning with LaunchDFW as their Marketing Manager, I am doing my very best to make sure I get back into the groove of not only creating our own content like I promised I would start doing this year but also publishing submissions that I receive. I still managed to do my first styled shoot with a photographer friend of mine during a very busy Spring semester (& a week before the start of a 5-day conference) which I’m very proud of and can’t wait to publish it on here. I still need to make a few adjustments to the website, figure out if there’s any additional content that should be added, etc. so if you see some slight changes to the website you know why.

Now that I’ve done my first styled shoot for the magazine, I am still open for collaborations! I love planning shoot logistics and executing them the day of (type A personality probs), so if you have a concept you need help executing and you want it featured in our publication, don’t hesitate to send your girl a pitch. Also, I have so many content ideas that I would love to bring to life, so if you’re a vendor interested in collaborating and being featured on our platform then let me know so we can get to planning! There are additional categories in our publication that aren’t up yet because I haven’t created content for it. I HIGHLY encourage emerging vendors who are in need to develop their portfolio to reach out if your aesthetic/niche is similar to mine. I will do another blog post in the next few weeks on the best way to pitch content ideas to me.

Editor in Chief & Publisher, Moxie Brides Magazine

makeup artist, emerging wedding planning, creative director, & college student residing in Dallas, Texas.