Real Wedding | Whitney & Tyler
Whitney and Tyler’s wedding was definitely one for the books and may go down as one of my favorite weddings I’ve ever photographed in the past 5 years. Whitney first contacted me about a year and a half before her wedding date. I received a random call from California and first thought it was spam! Little did I realize it was Whitney’s mom Eileen asking about details for her daughter’s wedding. I later called Whitney and She explained her day as a laid back, easy going and really fun wedding. She mentioned a bit about her and Tyler…How she was a blogger, and Tyler a relaxed business man. She said her and Tyler we’re up for any adventure that came their way. I was excited after our first phone call. Right off the back Whitney seemed more like a friend rather than an actual client and who wouldn’t be excited about their friend’s wedding?!

Fast forward to a year and a half later when I finally had the chance to meet these two in person. Although we maybe only had about 2 Skype calls in the meantime, when we met we instantly hugged it out and felt like best friends. When the wedding day came I not only felt like I knew Whitney & Tyler but felt as though I was just a part of the family as everyone else! It made for such a relaxed, candid experience throughout the day. Nobody ever felt uncomfortable and everyone was completely relaxed! It was incredible.

In terms of the wedding itself, Whitney definitely brought her CA vibe to Newport, RI. From the beautiful Newport Vineyards as the venue to Whitney wearing some kick-ass Nikes for the day of. When photographing Whitney & Tyler’s first look - they were just amazing! No direction was needed as they snuggled up in one another and walked around the vineyard completely in love. We spent a good hour and a half following them around and watching their love just shine through. It was incredible. Their wedding was just what Whitney first described to me: Laid back, but crazy fun and these two as clients were some of the most easy-going, beautiful people I’ve ever photographed. Their photographs tell their love story perfectly and I couldn’t be happier how they turned out.  
— Ryan DeVoll | Owner & Photographer, Ryan DeVoll Photography

makeup artist, emerging wedding planning, creative director, & college student residing in Dallas, Texas.